You’re cordially invited to visit my workshop. Because I mostly work alone and also because I attend a lot of exhibitions, it is sometimes difficult to get me on the phone. Very often more than one machine in my workshop is on so that I can’t hear your call. That’s why it’s often better to e-mail, fax or write to make an appointment for a personal visit. If you want to have an idea how recorders and flutes are made, you’ll probably find the answer to some of your questions. You can also try at ease all the instru- ments (-I have in stock-) for as long as you wish. Often during exhibitions, there’s so much (background) noise that it is impossible to get a good idea about the instrument you’re testing. You have to realize that it can take quite some time to come to the conclusion which instrument you prefer and want to buy.
At my workshop you can take the time to come to the correct decision about which instrument suits you best.

How to get there:
by train

from Antwerp central station (line 12) by IC-train at 17 minutes past the hour (f.ex. 9.17h, 10.17h etc...) to Heide station, where I can pick you up by car. From Heide station to my house is about 1 km.
The IC-train goes from Antwerp to Essen.
During the weekend there's only a L-train (local train) with more
frequent stops between Antwerp and Essen. This train les every hous
at 37 minutes past the hour (f.ex. 9.37h, 10.37h etc..)

By car
The Braambeslei is not in the centre of Kapellen, but nearer to
Heide-Kalmthout. With your back turned towards Heide-station, there
are two roads along the railway-tracks. Braambeslei is the street on
left side of the railway.