baroque traversos
after G.A. ROTTENBURGH (1709 - 1790, Brussels) a'=415 Hz
Private collection of B. Kuijken
 boxwood (unstained, students' model)875 €
 boxwood (stained, students' model)900 €
 boxwood (with artificial ivory, but without registerfoot)1025 €
 boxwood or grenadille (like the original, with artificial ivory rings)1175 €
 corps de rechange a'=440 Hz175 €
 screwcork50 €
after C.A. GRENSER (1720 - 1807, Dresden) a'=415 Hz
based on several originals and GNM MIR 297
 boxwood (unstained, students' model)875 €
 boxwood (stained, students' model)900 €
 boxwood (with artificial ivory, but without registerfoot)1025 €
 boxwood or grenadille (like the original, with artificial ivory rings)1175 €
 corps de rechange a'=440 Hz175 €
after A. GRENSER (Dresden) a'=440 Hz
based on an original in ivory in a private collection
 boxwood (unstained, students' model)875 €
 boxwood (stained, students' model)900 €
 boxwood or grenadille (with artificial ivory, without registerfoot)1025 €
after J. HOTTETERRE (ca. 1700, Paris) a’=392 Hz
Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz Kat. Nr. 1384
 boxwood (with artificial ivory mounts, endcap and barrel)1350 €
 grenadille (with artificial ivory mounts, endcap and barrel)1400 €
after RIPPERT (ca. 1690, Paris) a’=392 Hz
Glen Collection, Glasgow Museum Kat. Nr. 42-68a
 boxwood (with artificial ivory mounts and endcap)1350 €
 grenadille (with artificial ivory mounts and endcap)1400 €
after J.H. GRENSER (1764 - 1813, Dresden) a’=430 Hz
based on several originals
 grenadille or boxwood (as a 1-keyed instrument)1175 €
 grenadille (as a 4-keyed instrument)2000 €
 grenadille (as a 6-keyed instrument)2400 €
 corps de rechange a'=415, 435 and 440 Hz (for left and right hand; no keys)350 €
baroque recorders
440 Hz recorders after J.H.J.ROTTENBURGH (1672 - 1756) Intonation (bore, fingerholes etc…)
calculated by computer for maximum correct tuning. The instruments are seperately available.
Supplement for artificial ivory rings (2 small rings 50 € ) and thumbbushing (15 €)
 soprano (unstained boxwood)850 €
 soprano (stained boxwood or grenadille)875 €
 alto (unstained boxwood)975 €
 alto (stained boxwood)1000 €
 tenor (unstained boxwood)1250 €
 tenor (stained boxwood)1300 €
after E. TERTON (1676 - 1752) soprano a’=415 Hz
Den Haag Gemeentemuseum Inv. Nr. Ea 374-1933
 boxwood (unstained)850 €
 boxwood (stained)875 €
415 altos after DENNER (Copenhagen), BRESSAN (E. Hunt), STANESBY (Piquet)
 boxwood (unstained)1050 €
 boxwood (stained)1100 €
 boxwood or grenadille with 2 small rings (Denner)1150 €
 boxwood or grenadille with 4 large rings (Bressan/Stanesby)1300 €
CHARLES BIZEY (...1716...1752...) alto a'=392 Hz
Dayton Miller Collection, Washington Cat. Nr. 1055
 boxwood (unstained)1200 €
 boxwood (stained)1250 €
Handfluit VAN EYCK (transitional) a'=440 Hz in 1-piece construction
 flamed maple (Ahorn)700 €
 stained boxwood725 €
renaissance recorders
GANASSI soprano a'=415, 440 or 466 Hz in 2-piece construction
 flamed maple (Ahorn)750 €
 stained boxwood875 €
 extra body325 €
 messing connection ring25 €
GANASSI alto in g' or f' a'=415, 440 or 466 Hz in 2-piece construction
 flamed maple (Ahorn)850 €
 stained boxwood900 €
 extra body350 €
 messing connection ring40 €
RENAISSANCE CONSORT (a'=440 or 466 Hz) in flamed maple (Ahorn); 2 or 3 piece-construction; based on instruments in Vienna, Brussels and Verona
 soprano in c''800 €
 alto in g'850 €
 alto in f'875 €
 tenor in C950 €
 tenor in C with key and fontanelle1450 €
 basset in G1900 €
 bass in F2175 €
 bass in C (only 440 Hz)on request
baroque oboes
after Christian Schlegel (ca. 1713-...) Basel, a'=415 Hz
Musikinstrumentenmuseum Basel
 boxwood or grenadille (stained, with artificial ivory rings and 2 keys)1500 €

Other instruments and/or other pitches on request. Prices for real legal ivory on request. Silver key 20 € extra. Thumbbushing on recorders 15 €.
Leather bags for recorder/traverso:

  • soprano (3-parts): 10 €
  • alto (4-parts: suitable for altos, traversos, Ganassi sopranos): 15 €
  • tenor (4-parts: suitable for altos, Ganassi altos): 20 €

Hard cases for recorders (altos): 50 €

Conditions of payment and delivery

Unless otherwise agreed upon, only written orders will be accepted, which will be confirmed in writing by the maker. When ordering, please send a deposit of about 10% of the total amount due. After payment of the deposit, prices are fixed. The order will be sent only after full payment of the balance or COD. Packing and postage (and insurance) will be added to cost. Postage is only by registered mail. If a client would not be satisfied, he may return the instrument within one month after delivery for a full refund of the purchase price or another instrument will be sent if the customer so wishes. All prices are subject to change without notice. The delivery time will be agreed upon, but is in no case binding for the maker.


Full guarantee against all defects in material or workmanship for a period of one year from the date the instrument is sent to the customer. The guarantee doesn’t apply if the instrument is obviously maltreated (f.ex. dropping the instrument, damage during shipment by the owner, if the instrument has been tampered with or adjusted by anyone other than the maker). The guarantee doesn’t apply to all handling, shipping or insurance costs. In case of dispute any recourse to legal arbitration will be made at the commercial court in Turnhout.


All normal maintenance (re-reaming, oiling, polishing etc…) is done without charge, as well as adjustments or repairs during a period of one year. After one year a general overhaul is 50 €. All shipping costs (registered surface or air mail) are to be paid by the owner.

General advice

If you wish additional info on an instrument, please do not hesitate to ask. Not all instruments on this list are directly or on short notice available. Because I work alone and also because I attend a lot of exhibitions, it is sometimes difficult to get me on the phone. Very often more than one machine in my workshop is on, so that I can’t hear your call. That’s why it is often better to write, fax or e-mail me. You’re cordially invited to visit my workshop. Here you can try at ease all my instruments in stock for as long as you wish. Please ring first for an appointment.