The Jean-Jacques Rippert 392 Hz traverso

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We don’t know much about Rippert. He probably came from Germany to France. About 11 instru- ments by this maker have survied. He was not only a woodwind maker, but also a composer. In 1722 he published his “Sonates pour la flûte traversière.” The original is in the Glen Collection of the Glasgow Museum (Cat. Nr. 42-68ak). The instrument has been shortened and the embouchure hole enlarged to raise the pitch. It is however fairly easy to reconstruct the original condition. If you’re looking for an instrument with a very rich, warm timbre with a lot of potential for shading, this instrument is nearly perfect. For a fairly big instrument it is really agile.
This instrument is best suited for French and German music in the Italian or galant style and even for later work by Blavet, de Boismortier, Leclair etc…