J.H. Grenser

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Boxwood or grenadille flute based on several originals in 415, 430 or 440 Hz with one key or additional keys for f’, gis’, b’ and c”. Johann Heinrich Grenser (1764-1813) was the successor of his uncle C.A. Grenser. The J.H. Grenser workshop produced instruments of the highest quality and workmanship. He was himself flutist at the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra. Around 1800 he must have had about 8 apprentices (Gesellen). From a workshop inventory we learn that he had 7 lathes, one polishing machine (a kind of lathe), 35 bassoon-reamers, 43 flute-“drills” (sic), 10 clarinet “drills”, 48 oboe “drills” etc… We can assume that he did well as an instrument maker, for he could buy his own house. The fine workmanship is evident when looking at the instruments from the workshop of Heinrich Grenser.