G.A. Rottenburgh traverso

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Original in the private collection of the famous Belgian player Barthold Kuijken and used for many recordings. It’s without doubt the most copied woodwind instrument ever. Godefroy Adrien Rottenburgh (1703-1768) belonged to a family of woodwind and violin makers (4 generations from about 1650 to about 1800). The original is in acid-stained boxwood varnished dark brown, almost black. This was done by many period makers in order to make the common boxwood look like the exotic and thus very expensive ebony.
In appearance this instrument follows a more classical style (small ivory rings and the lack of extra mouldings), so it dates from the 2nd half of the 18th century. As the pitch at that time wasn’t fixed, the original has up to 7 corps the rechange (extra left-hand middle joints), screwcap and registerfoot to make fine adjustments (octaves and bottom note) possible. The Kuijken original is particularly known for its easy response (articulation). Due to the rather special ‘parabolic’ undercutting of the embouchure hole this instrument has less ‘resistance’ than most other baroque flutes, which makes it an excellent instrument to start with. This sort of very wide undercutting of the embouchure is unique, because I’ve never found it on any other original baroque flute I have examined, included the other original Rottenburgh flutes f.ex. in the collection of Frans Bruggen. My copies closely follow the original. They are available in boxwood or grenadilla (=African blackwood) with a 440 Hz corps de rechange as option to enable playing in modern pitch. The instrument is also available as a students’ model (completely made of unstained or stained boxwood without the artificial ivory rings and registerfoot). The students’ models have exactly the same musical qualities as the more luxurious version. A lot of attention, the result of years of experience, is given to important details and to the marvellous finishing of my instruments, which results in an outstanding comfort for the customer.
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