The C.A. Grenser traverso

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Carl August Grenser (1720-1807) worked in Dresden and was a very productive and skilled woodwind maker. My copy of his flute is primarily based on the well-known original in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nürnberg (MIR 297), but also on a few other originals in other musea and private collections.
In this way I was able to combine the best features of several originals into my own copy. The result is a well-balanced instrument, extremely well in tune and with excellent tonal qualities. The C.A. Grenser flute is more baroque in appearance than the G.A. Rottenburgh, also has 7 differently pitched center pieces. The embouchure undercutting is about 12.0 mm in average, so it has a little more resistance than the Rottenburgh, enabling delicate gradations. Copies are available in boxwood or grenadilla, can be provided with screwcap, registerfoot and a 440 Hz corps de rechange, also as a students’ model. My copy of the Grenser flute has a solid bottom register and a reedy tone. It can be used for most of the German repertoire of the 18th century. Though C.A. Grenser made flutes with more keys, I preferred the models of his nephew J.H. Grenser as a more-keyed instrument.