Alto 415 Hz after Bressan

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Pierre Jaillard Bressan (1663-1731), better known by his English name Peter Bressan, was one of the most important and famous makers of his time. He was born in Bourg-en-Bresse in 1663.
At the age of 15 he was placed as an apprentice to the woodturner Pierre Boissier (from 1678 till 1680). At 17 he left Bourg and then we loose his trace. He probably learned the craft of woodwind making in Paris in the early 1680’s. Was he connected to Rippert or some of the members of the Hotteterre family? Bressan left France when he was 25 years old to settle in England in 1688. According to a 1691 archive, he was oboist for King William the 3rd.
My copy is based on the Edgar Hunt Bressan, now in the Bate Collection (Oxford).
The instrument is available in boxwood or grenadille (with the 4 large ivory rings as an option). The bore of the instrument is bigger and less conical than the Denner alto.
The windway and cut-up are small, giving the instrument the well-know resistance.
The tone quality shows a lot of depth